Meet Gareth


HSE certified for specialised underwater work, a Unit Stills, BTS, Key Art and Editorial Photographer, Gareth is a dynamic, tenacious force who connects quickly with cast and crew / clients and talent. He is equally comfortable on set, in the studio, out on location - day or night (come sunshine or snow, in flip flops or a beanie) - or deeply submerged in a water tank with fins on his feet. Exploring the challenges of an aquatic environment began when a young GG joined the Royal Navy, intending to undertake the role of Clearance Diver, passing out as Class Leader his troop was awarded “Honour of The Guard". These early experiences instilled discipline and a strong sense of camaraderie; invaluable transferable skills given the industry he now works in.

Smart, always game for a fresh challenge and with a keen eye, he goes above and beyond to capture the shot. This is balanced with a mindfulness of others, and a respect for everyone’s unique contribution in working collectively toward a common goal. A clear communicator with a solution rather than problem orientated attitude, Gareth brings energy, enthusiasm and plenty of self-effacing and ice breaking craziness to the party.


"Gareth Gatrell or GG as he's more affectionately known (not to be confused with front runner at Aintree), is an annoyingly talented photographer, although I try to tell him otherwise! His work is exemplary, his humour more questionable, but thankfully his dedication and professionalism make up for any dodgy jokes"
Film Publicist